Dr. Hall in the classroom with his students
Dr. Hall with his students in 1959.


Celebrating What’s Right About Others

What we need more of today is the ability to recognize what’s good about others – what they do well. Dr. William E. Hall, co-founder of Talent Plus, Inc. spent his career focused on what people do well, asking the question, “What would the world be like if everyone had the opportunity to know what they were good at and could spend more time engaged in those things?”


Monday, November 10, 2020, we encourage the world to come together to celebrate the talents of those around you. Celebration creates a feeling of significance. When individuals feel significant, things get better – people, families, organizations, communities.  


Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts will declare Tuesday, November 10, Global Talent Day. Talent Plus colleagues and client partners will celebrate this day of significance. While we’re located in Lincoln, Nebraska, we work with individuals across the globe and we want you to join us! Celebrate with your family, a not for profit where you volunteer or where you work.


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